To provide the high-quality, certified personal protective equipment needed to keep front-line workers and patients safe.


We are a Canadian company dedicated to bringing Personal Protection Equipment to where it is needed most in Canada. We specialize in Standard Compliant Equipment (CSA Z314). The PPE we offer protects front-line workers and patients from hazards including COVID-19.


We have entered into a strategic partnership with a family operated business in Bogotá, Colombia. The protective apparel manufactured by GREAT LAND SAS meet the standards of material integrity ASTM including Tensile Strength, Tear resistance,Seam Strength, Lint generation and Water vapor transmission(breath ability)as well as the Risk prevention that describe barrier performance with respect to penetration by liquids. (Level 1,2 and 3) CSA Z314.


Los Andes PPE was granted a Medical Devices Establisment Licence (MDEL) Number 12794, by Health Canada that enables the company to import and sell PPE in Canada.


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